Preparatory actions

A1 Determining the baseline of Ailanthus in target area

This action will include a field survey of the invasive tree species Ailanthus altissima within all project areas. For each area, we will estimate the invaded area size, the population density of Ailanthus, and the size and location of the mature female trees. This action is necessary to determine the baseline for this project, as a starting point for quantified monitoring of the project’s implementation.

A2 Prepare the protocols

This action will include preparing the Ailanthus removal protocol, which will be tested, improved, and implemented through this project. Our protocol will contain three different removal methodologies, and their application will depend on the project area and targeted habitat types.

A3 Train the project team

This action involves the training of the project team in Ailanthus eradication methods, planned in the first year of the project. This action is important because the Ailanthus eradication is extremely challenging, and the application of inappropriate methods or their application at the wrong time of the year can result in failure or make the infestation worse.

A4 Permits acquisition and informing the stakeholders

This action includes the acquisition of permits required for the implementation of the project activities and informing the stakeholders about the project.

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