Monitoring and evaluation actions

D1 Monitoring project impact on the targeted biodiversity problem

The action D1 entails monitoring of the total number of Ailanthus trees removed and the percent of the area cleared within all of the project areas (Krka, JI Pelješac, Ston and Mali Ston, and Dubrovnik), to monitor the progress of the project, to compare the effectiveness of the tested protocols at different habitats or locations.

D2 Monitoring project impact on the targeted habitats

The action D2 consists of monitoring the ecological changes in the habitats types in which the Ailanthus removal is conducted. This action is critical to test how did the removal of invasive species impact the conservation status of the targeted habitat types.

D3 Evaluation of the control protocol

The action D3 will include the analysis of the different removal protocols, in terms of effectiveness.

D4 Evaluation of public awareness of invasive species

The purpose of this action is to evaluate the success of public awareness-raising activities through this project.

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