How to remove ailanthus?

How to remove and dispose of ailanthus on your (private) property?

Ailanthus is a dioecious deciduous tree, i.e., we distinguish individuals that bear female flowers and later fruits and individuals that bear male flowers. When removing ailanthus, special attention should be paid to the removal of female trees that produce a large number of seed that is easily blown away by the wind. Smaller individuals of ailanthus can be uprooted (by hand or with the help of a hoe) together with the entire root. At the same time, care should be taken that there are no pieces of the roots of ailanthus left in the ground, from which new individuals can sprout. In order to remove young individuals that cannot be pulled out and adult plants, we use the cutting method (scissors, large shears and a hand or chainsaw, depending on the size) and coating with a glyphosate-based herbicide. The cut is coated with herbicide immediately after cutting, within 5 minutes at most. The removal of female trees must be carried out before the development of seeds, i.e., before the end of summer. Coating with glyphosate gives the best results if it is carried out at the beginning of autumn, when the plant most actively transfers the substances produced by photosynthesis to the roots. This will help to reduce the formation of root shoots and adventitious buds on the stumps with which this type of tree reproduces vegetatively. Important note: For the use of herbicides in accordance with regulations from the agricultural sector, it is necessary to obtain appropriate permits. If herbicide is used, it is necessary to take care of the surrounding vegetation.

What to expect after the initial removal of ailanthus?

The cutting of the lawn will stimulate the growth of new shoots, which need to be cut again in the fall and treated with herbicide. New plants that have sprouted from seeds need to be pulled out by hand.

Disposal of plant material resulting from the removal of lawns

To prevent further spread, after cutting or pulling ailanthus, all removed plant material must be adequately disposed of. Ailanthus can be used for firewood or dry plant material can be burned in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Fire Protection (NN 92/10 and 114/22.). In the case of a longer period between cutting and removal, all plant material must be temporarily stored in a way to avoid contact with the ground (e.g. by laying on a plastic tarp or similar), and the seeds must be stored in bags to prevent their spread.

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