Trainings on the removal of pajasen

As a part of project activity A3 Education of the project team, employees of the Institute for Environment and Nature at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development with partners on the project “LIFE CONTRA Ailanthus – Establishing control of invasive alien species Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven) in Croatia LIFE19 NAT/HR/001070″ – Public institution ” National Park Krka” and Public institution for management of protected areas of Dubrovnik-Neretva county held the training of the project team that will participate in the removal of Ailathus in the project areas, NP Krka and the SE part of Pelješac from July 13-15, 2022.
The goal of the trainings was the transfer of knowledge gained during the study trip to Italy in the Alta Murgia National Park in April this year, in which employees of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development participated. The educations contained a presentation of the LIFE CONTRA Ailanthus project and a demonstration of different methods of removing Ailanthus. Demonstrated removal methods included injection of glyphosate-based herbicide, scoring and inserting sponge with glyphosate-based herbicide, cut stump and application glyphosate-based herbicide.

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